Monday, December 14, 2015

The environmental stressors have a great impact on work performance and adjustment of the individual in an organization. Discuss the different categories of environmental stressors.

It must be noted that stress factors are subjective and what one person may find stressful, others may not necessarily experience as negatively. The way in which we experience and react to stress is described as an emotional condition which triggers physical, psychological and emotional responses from the individual.
Formally, a stressor is defined as an event or context that elevates adrenaline and triggers the stress response which results in the body being thrown out of balance as it is forced to respond.

What is groupthink? Explain

The goal of most research on group development is to learn why and how small groups change over time. To do this, researchers examine patterns of change and continuity in groups over time. Aspects of a group that might be studied include the quality of the output produced by a group, the type and frequency of its activities, its cohesiveness, the existence of conflict, etc.
Tuckman's Stages model

Friday, December 11, 2015

Given below is the HR policy glimpse of the “VARK-LEARNING” a learning and training solutions company 1. It offers cash rewards for staff members 2. It promotes the culture of employee referral and encourages people to refer people they know may be their friends, ex. Colleagues batch mates, relatives. 3. What all needs do it takes care off according to maslow’s need hierarchy 4. It recognizes good performances and give fancy titles and jackets to the people who perform well and also felicitates them in the Annual Day of the company. What all aspects does it takes care of according to the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy ?

The following needs are taken care of according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory:
According to this theory, proposed by Maslow (1943), human beings have wants and desires which influence their behavior, only unsatisfied needs can influence behavior, satisfied needs cannot. The needs are arranged in order of importance, from the basic to the complex. The person advances to the next level of needs only after the lower level need is at least minimally satisfied. The further they progress up the hierarchy, the more individuality, humanness and psychological health a person will show.

Mr. Solanki is the VP- HR of a leading Financial services company. He is having a meeting with Ms. Ramani leading HR consultant. Mr. Solanki is concerned about creating an environment that helps in increasing the job satisfaction amongst employees. Assume that you are Ms. Ramani, the HR consultant. What suggestions you will give to Mr. Solanki, for creating an environment that increases job satisfaction.

Measuring Job Satisfaction:  Job satisfaction is the sense of fulfillment and pride felt by people who enjoy their work and do it well. For an organization, satisfied work force ensures commitment to high quality performance and increased productivity Job satisfaction helps organizations to reduce complaints and grievances, absenteeism, turnover, and termination. Job satisfaction is also linked to a healthier work force and has been found to be a good indicator of longevity. And although only little correlation has been found between job satisfaction and productivity, it has also been found that satisfying or delighting employees is a prerequisite to satisfying or delighting customers, thus protecting the "bottom line (Brown, 1996).
The most important factors conductive to job satisfaction are:

Discuss the methods of shaping behavior in detail.

Shaping Behavior
When a systematic attempt is made to change individuals’ behaviour by directing their learning in graduated steps, it is called shaping behavior. There are four methods of Shaping Behavior. They are as follows:
1. Positive reinforcement – This is the process of getting something pleasant as a consequence of a desired behavior, to strengthen the same behavior. For example, one get a commission, if he/she achieves sales target.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Explain the purpose of conducting a techno-economic study before launching a project.

Desk Research and Techno-Economic Survey
It is a part of project identification. Desk research and techno economic survey are considered as two important tools of project identification. While collection and use of information from the sources like journals, magazines, reports etc., is called desk research, identification of industrial development potential of an area through investigation conducted by a team of experts is called techno-economic survey.

What is techno-economic survey?

Techno-economic projects
The techno–economic projects can be further classified into the following categories:-
i. Factor intensity oriented project – Based on the factor intensity, a project will be classified. For example, the project having larger investment in land and building, plant and machinery etc., is classified as capital intensive. Similarly, the project, which has employed labourers both skilled and unskilled in large number, is classified as labour intensive.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What are the elements involved in project formulation

Elements of Project Formulation
The exercise of project formulation is being done by an entrepreneur with a view to arriving at the most effective project decision. The project formulation exercise normally contains the following elements:-
a) Feasibility analysis
b) Techno-economic analysis
c) Project Design and Network analysis
d) Input analysis
e) Financial analysis
f) Social Cost-benefit analysis
g) Project appraisal